Ghana - South and North Highlights of Ghana A holiday combining Ghana‘s most exciting sites, including Accra, its vibrant capital and Kumasi, heart of the Ashanti Kingdom. Among the tour highlights are a walking safari in Mole NP, the slave castles of Elmina and Cape Coast, a stunning performance of the famous Bamboo Orchestra, a boat ride to the stilt village of Nzulezo, picturesque fishing harbours, the unique flora of Ankasa and Kakum NP, Lake Bosumtwi, home to the Ashanti gods and the beautiful beach of Ankobra… (20 days)  
Highlights of Senegal The Land of Baobabs Discover Senegal‘s seven UNESCO world heritage sites: Ile de Gorée, Saint Louis, the Senegambian stone circles, the culture of the Bassari, Fula and Bédik people and the National Parks of Niokolo-Koba, Djoudj and Saloum Delta. Explore the untouched Casa- mance and meet a local king. Witness a mask dance and take a swim in the country‘s largest waterfall Dindéfélo. Spend the night under the stars of the Lompoul desert, see the colourful Pink Lake and the Great Mosque of Touba… (18 days)
Sierra Leone West Africa‘s Tropical Paradise Journey into the untouched nature of West Africa. Visit a diamond mine near Kenema and attend a spectacular mask dance of the Mende people. Enjoy the palm-fringed beaches of the Freetown Peninsula, learn more about the colonial history and slave trade on Bunce Island, meet the fascinating chimps and other primates on Tiwai Island and in Tacugama and embrace the colourful fishing villages and the Caribbean flair in the capital city of Freetown. (12 days)
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The Gambia Highlights of The Gambia Discover Africa‘s smallest country exploring the colourful capital of Banjul, walk on the trail of Kunta Kinteh‘s roots in Juffureh. Visit the colonial town of Georgetown, the mystic stone circles of Wassu, the fascinating birdlife on the Gambia River and the nature reserve of the Makasutu Cultural Forest with its 5 eco-systems. Experience authentic village life in Kassagne and Tanji and enjoy the fauna and flora in Abuko National Park. Extend your trip on one of the wonderful beaches (8 days)
Benin Traditions, Temples and Dances Take the journey across Benin to discover its official capital Porto Novo and the economic center Cotonou. Learn more about the history of slavery in Abomey and Ouidah and explore the stilt village of Ganvié. Unforgettable voodoo ceremonies including Zangbeto, Egungun and Gelede, artfully constructed mud dwelling castles of the Somba and round huts of the Yom will give you an insight into the tribul culture and voodoo rituals (12 days)
Ivory Coast In the Land of Cocoa Visit the UNESCO-World Heritage site of Grand Bassam and take a stunning view of the remarkable Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro. Experience three exiting mask dances and the ancient mud architec- ture in the north of the country. On this trip you will also explore mysterious vine bridges and picturesque fishing villages, you‘ll be in search of hippos on the Sassandra River and relax on beautiful beaches….  (12 days)
Ghana-South Adventure on the Gold Coast The best of Ghana: discover Ghana’s modern capital Accra, learn more about the history of slavery in the fortresses of Elmina and Cape Coast, explore the culture of the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi, experience authentic village life in Mesomagor and the canopy walkway in Kakum National Park, go on a boat trip to the aquatic village of Nzulezo and relax on Lake  Bosumtwi and on the pristine beaches of the coast (10 days)
Mauritania Fascinating Desert Join a tour to Mauritania to find breathtaking landscapes of vast deserts including the Amogjar Canyon and the White Valley, visit the UNESCO-World Heritage sites of Chinguetti and Ouadane, relax in the lush oases Terjit, Mheirith and Tenochert and marvel at the second largest monolith and the longest iron ore train in the world. Visit the Banc d‘Arguin National Park in search of birdlife and monk seals and explore the camel and fish market in Nouakchott. (11 days)
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Unfortunately, West Africa can only be travelled to a very limited extent during Corona times. The borders of most countries are currently closed and multi-country tours are not possible or very difficult to organize. Here you will find an overview of the tours that are feasible without major restrictions. Please click here to check the entry requirements of your destination.
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Burkina Faso West Africa’s Best-kept Secret Explore the colourful cities of Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso -  thriving with music, arts and handicraft. Get close to breathtaking rock formations, wetlands and waterfalls, or the tribal culture of the Lobi, Kassena and Dagara people. View elephants at Nazinga Ranch, spot hippos, birds and sacred crocodiles. And be soothed by the wide horisons of the open savannah landscape, inhabited by friendly, smiling people...  (10 days)

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