Senegal - Mauretania Wonders of the Desert Explore the Senegal and Mauretania from the savannah to the desert and find the hidden jewels of both countries: the colourful Pink Lake, lush oases with green palm groves, well-preserved rock paintings and breathtaking desert landscapes. Spot rhinos in the Bandia Reserve and watch prolific birdlife in Djoudj National Park. Explore historical sites like Gorée Island, Saint Louis, Chinguetti and Ouadane as well as the archaeological excavations of Azougui. (12 days)
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Ivory Coast-Ghana-Togo-Benin Cultures, Customs and Traditions 16-day journey to four Southern West African countries: mask dances, rites, and ancient mud architecture in Ivory Coast, Ashanti culture and slave castles in Ghana, voodoo magic and ceremonies in Togo and Benin. Marvel at the impressive basilica in Yamoussoukro, explore the lush rain forest in Kakum National Park, learn about the colonial history in Togo and visit the picturesque stilt village of Ganvié in Benin… (16 days)
Ghana - South and North Highlights of Ghana A holiday combining Ghana‘s most exciting sites, including Accra, its vibrant capital and Kumasi, heart of the Ashanti Kingdom. Among the tour highlights are a walking safari in Mole NP, the slave castles of Elmina and Cape Coast, a stunning performance of the famous Bamboo Orchestra, a boat ride to the stilt village of Nzulezo, picturesque fishing harbours, the unique flora of Ankasa and Kakum NP, Lake Bosumtwi, home to the Ashanti gods and the beautiful beach of Ankobra… (20 days)
Côte d’Ivoire - Ghana Gold, Cocoa and Pristine Beaches Discover the modern cities of Abidjan and Accra and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Grand Bassam. Travel along the coast to visit impressive slave castles, the remote stilt villages of Tiagba and Nzulezo, and explore the fauna and flora of the Azagny, Ankasa and Kakum National Parks. Be stunned by the world‘s largest basilica in Yamoussoukro, the colourful fishing harbours and the beauti- ful beaches. Five nights you will stay at the wonderful Ankobra Beach Resort... (14 days)
Highlights of Senegal The Land of Baobabs Discover Senegal‘s seven UNESCO world heritage sites: Ile de Gorée, Saint Louis, the Senegambian stone circles, the culture of the Bassari, Fula and Bédik people and the National Parks of Niokolo-Koba, Djoudj and Saloum Delta. Explore the untouched Casa- mance and meet a local king. Witness a mask dance and take a swim in the country‘s largest waterfall Dindéfélo. Spend the night under the stars of the Lompoul desert, see the colourful Pink Lake and the Great Mosque of Touba… (18 days)
Togo - Benin West Africa‘s Natural Treasures Walking holiday in Togo and Benin: Climb Togo‘s highest mountain, discover the varied landscapes of Klouto, the Kabyé mountains and the Atacora mountain chain. Enjoy the beautiful Aklowa waterfall and a canoe ride on Lake Ahémé. Spend a night in the remarkable stilt village of Ganvié and complete your adventure with voodoo ceremonies, historical sites, mud castles of the Tamberma and Somba tribes and the capitals of Lomé and Porto Novo…. (15 days)
Sierra Leone West Africa‘s Tropical Paradise Journey into the untouched nature of West Africa. Visit a diamond mine near Kenema and attend a spectacular mask dance of the Mende people. Enjoy the palm-fringed beaches of the Freetown Peninsula, learn more about the colonial history and slave trade on Bunce Island, meet the fascinating chimps and other primates on Tiwai Island and in Tacugama and embrace the colourful fishing villages and the Caribbean flair in the capital city of Freetown. (12 days)
Ghana - Togo - Benin Tribal Festivals and Voodoo Magic Visit the bustling capitals of Accra and Lomé. Experience coastal slave forts, the historical palace of Abomey and Tamberma mud castles dotted in the savanna plains of the North. Experience authentic fetish markets, a fire dance and a Voodoo ceremony, only to be topped by the Akwasidae Festival at the Royal Court of the Ashanti King. Or the canopy walk in the rain forest of Kakum National Park... (13 days).
Burkina Faso - Benin - Togo Mud Castles and Voodoo Ceremonies Explore an unspoilt region of West Africa: Colourful Ouagadougou and colonial-style Bobo Dioulasso. Mud castles and tribal culture of the Lobi, Tamberma, Somba and Kassena peoples. Breathtaking rock formations near Banfora. Exiting visit of hidden caves in the north of Togo. History of slavery in Abomey and Ouidah. Stilt villages, voodoo ceremonies and fetish markets of the South...(16 days)
Benin - Togo - Ghana Voodoo, Slavery and Paradise Beaches Travel along the palm-fringed beaches and lowlands of the Atlantic coast, with pirogue trips to the stilt villages of Ganvié and Nzulezo, voodoo rituals and fetish markets, trekking through Togo’s coastal mountains and close encounters with rare Mona monkeys. Explore the frightful dungeons of well- preserved slave castles - oddly contrasted by the serene beauty of our nearby beach resorts... (16 days)
Ivory Coast In the Land of Cocoa Visit the UNESCO-World Heritage site of Grand Bassam and take a stunning view of the remarkable Basilica of Our Lady of Peace in Yamoussoukro. Experience three exiting mask dances and the ancient mud architec- ture in the north of the country. On this trip you will also explore mysterious vine bridges and picturesque fishing villages, you‘ll be in search of hippos on the Sassandra River and relax on beautiful beaches…. (12 days)
Ghana-South Adventure on the Gold Coast The best of Ghana: discover Ghana’s modern capital Accra, learn more about the history of slavery in the fortresses of Elmina and Cape Coast, explore the culture of the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi, experience authentic village life in Mesomagor and the canopy walkway in Kakum National Park, go on a boat trip to the aquatic village of Nzulezo and relax on Lake Bosumtwi and on the pristine beaches of the coast (10 days)
Ivory Coast - Burkina Faso Wildlife, Ancient Rites, Unique Architecture Experience West Africa in all its diversity: Mud castles, stilt villages, vine brigdes, fetish cults and mask dance in contrast to the region’s diverse cities - Sahelian-style Ouagadougou in ocre and red, Abidjan with glittery skylines and oversized, purpose-built Yamoussoukro with its breathtaking basilica. Be awed by natural wonders like rock formations, waterfalls, pristine beaches and nature reserves allowing the tracking of hippos and chimps. (17 days)
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Ghana - Burkina Faso Between Gold Coast and Savanna Follow the ancient trading routes and see the landscape change from lush to dry. Go for a canopy walk in Kakum forest, a boat trip on the Volta River, a shore walk at Lake Bosum- twi or an elephant safari in Mole National Park. Be amazed by coastal slave forts, decorated houses, ancient mud-and-stick mosques and the capital cities of present and past: bustling Accra, colonial-style Bobo and laid-back, colourful Ouagadougou.... (17 days)
Senegal - Gambia Lands between the Rivers Discover West Africa’s birdlife at its best: in the Djoudj Bird Sanctuary, the Saloum Delta and along the Gambia River you may see millions of birds. Learn more about the region’s rich history on Goree and James Islands and in the colonial town of St.Louis. Visit the astounding mosque in Touba and the unusual fishing village of Jadiouth. Stunning beaches, abundant wildlife and a vibrant culture: Senegal and The Gambia have it all! (13 days)
Mali Niger, Djenné and Land of the Dogon Let us show you the iconic highlights in the country we call our home: Bamako’s exotic markets and museums, colonial Ségou, the fluvial port of Mopti, Dogon Country with picturesque villages, shrines and mask dances, Djenné’s famous mosque, market and mud architecture, the flooded plains of the Niger inland delta, best experienced from a traditional pinasse boat... (12 days) (Ask for offer. Travel warnings in place for most nationals.)
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Burkina Faso West Africa’s Best-kept Secret Explore the colourful cities of Ouagadougou and Bobo Dioulasso - thriving with music, arts and handicraft. Get close to breathtaking rock formations, wetlands and waterfalls, or the tribal culture of the Lobi, Kassena and Dagara people. View elephants at Nazinga Ranch, spot hippos, birds and sacred crocodiles. And be soothed by the wide horisons of the open savannah landscape, inhabited by friendly, smiling people... (10 days)
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Liberia-Sierra Leone-Guinea-Bissau Africa‘s Green Diamonds Visit four of the most untouched countries in Africa. Explore the world‘s largest rubber plantation in Liberia and feel the cultural diversity in the capitals of Monrovia, Freetown and Bissau. Experience a mask dance and pristine beaches in Sierra Leone. Visit a diamond mine and meet the chimps of Marshall and Tacugama. Hike through the fascinating Fouta Djalon mountains and relax on the beaches of the Bijagos Islands (16 days)

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